OpenAPI Viewer for Bitbucket


This Bitbucket Server addon will bring swagger-ui visualisation directly into the repository view. Once the plugin is enabled, you will automatically see a rendition of any swagger or openapi file in you your repository.

Data security and privacy statement

OpenAPI Viewer for Bitbucket does not handle any data or user information outside of your server.


The OpenAPI Viewer for Bitbucket is installed directly from Atlassian Marketplace.

  1. Go to the Administration interface in Bitbucket Server.
  2. Click on Find new add-ons on the left hand side.
  3. Search for openapi
  4. Click on Free trial to request a trial licenses or Buy now to buy an license.


When the plugin is installed and activated, it will take over the default rendition of any files matching a specific naming pattern typical for swagger/openapi.
It's currently not possible to use fully custom names, but the following naming patterns are supported:

  • *swagger*.{json,yml,yaml}
  • *openapi*.{json,yml,yaml}
  • *spec*.{json,yml,yaml}
This means, that you can prefix or suffix your filenames however you like to have many swagger/openapi files in one folder, for example:
  • openapi_dev.json
  • openapi_qa.json
  • openapi_prod.json
  • dev_swagger.yaml

You can still see the original content by clicking on the button Show source in the Bitbucket UI.

Rendition of a swagger.yaml file.
Rendition of a swagger.yaml file.
Show source on the rendition will show the raw content of the file.
Show source on the rendition will show the raw content of the file.
Rendition of a swagger.json file.
Rendition of a swagger.json file.


Please contact Apio Support in any issues related to the plugin.

Version history

Add possibility for configuring Swagger-UI through admin settings.
Upgrade to Swagger-UI 3.25.5
Support spec naming.
Enable examples and custom extensions
Upgrade to Swagger-UI 3.23.1
Fix rendering issue for long descriptions in swagger
Upgraded to swagger-ui 3.22.3
Initial Datacenter release.
Updated to swagger-ui-3.22.1 and added support for openapi in filenames.
Maintenance release upgrading Swagger UI version to 3.20.8.
Prepare for Datacenter release
Support for Bitbucket 5.14 and upgrade Swagger UI version to 3.19.1
Extended support for non-standardized filenames.
The initial release of OpenAPI Viewer for Bitbucket supports Bitbucket Server 5.3.0 and newer. It is bundling swagger-ui 3.17.3 for rendition of the swagger files.